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Our FAQ's

Does Jubilate Academy offer discounts and/or financial aid for disadvantaged families?

Families need to visit our director's office directly to discuss financial packages. We do try to be as understanding as possible, and we will do the best we can to provide an affordable price for your children. We do tend to lower each child's individual tuition with every additional child that you register with us. Please contact or visit us to get an accurate idea of how much you will have to pay us.

What's the difference between Eye Level of Torrance and Jubilate Academy?

To be clear, Eye Level and Jubilate Academy are two completely different companies. However, we believe it is beneficial to provide Eye Level to our Jubilate Academy students so that they can study Math and English under a fresh new curriculum compared to that of TUSD. All of our Jubilate students that take Eye Level courses perform higher than our students that do not take up this opportunity. 

Can my child get help from Jubilate Academy if he/she has just one question?

The short answer is no. However, we do provide single sessions for your child if he or she is struggling in a general topic in school. For example, we can provide a tutoring session in ratios and proportions from Algebra 1, but we will not open ourselves up to give the answer to a single Algebra 1 homework question. We want to spend our time with your child as effectively as possible. 

How do I become a tutor at Jubilate Academy?

It depends on if we are hiring or not. If we need instructors, we recruit them through LinkedIn and through other outreach apps. We do accept resumes from those who are interested to work with us. Our director will arrange a private interview with you and evaluate your skills' current usefulness to us. We would then send you an email, providing you with the job result.

What do I have to do to see a tutor?

You will have to directly contact our director to register with us first. Then we can arrange a 1-to-1 tutoring session with one of our instructors. Based on our system, we do not offer tutoring sessions freely. We apologize for this, but we hope you understand. Jubilate Academy does its best to work with its parents by offering a reasonable tuition price.

What expectations does Jubilate Academy have for my child?

We require all Jubilate Academy parents to sign a Student/Parent contract before the parents enroll their children with us. We expect your child to behave as properly as though he or she is back in school with his or her teacher. We do not enforce out strict punishments, but we make our rules very clear to your child. Make sure your child keeps phone usage to a minimum with us. 

What is the tuition price?

Prices vary depending on length of study and program(s) involved. Contact us for a quote on our tutoring services.

How do I register my children for your robotics teams?

You need to contact our robotics staff directly about registering with us. Our director serves as the supervisor for all of our robotics teams. You will need to sign several forms, committing your child to one or more of our teams. Please contact us directly for more information. 

Is it possible to arrange a private appointment with an instructor?

Absolutely! It is best for you to meet Ms. Choi in person so that we can come up with an educational plan for your child.

Are there any seasonal deals that Jubilate Academy offers?

We currently offer a summer special for parents who register with us before June 14th. Parents who do so receive a discounted price on ALL of our summer programs. Please contact us directly to learn more about our current summer program and our pricing. 

What age group do you target in Jubilate Academy?

We service younger children, from preschool to elementary school. However, we are currently trying to expand our middle and high school programs and would love to have older students study with us! Let us know if you are interested to register your child with us.

What's the strongest subject that Jubilate Academy has to offer?

We offer very strong programs in Math, Science, English, Language, Computer Science and Social Studies.

Still got more questions? Let us know!

Let us know if you have questions that weren't mentioned in our section! We will try to answer your questions as soon as we can. Feel free to give us a call or send us an email! Better yet, schedule an appointment with us. We would love to meet you! :)

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