About Jubilate Academy

Academics and Music Combined Into One

About Jubilate Academy

Jubilate Academy is an after-school enrichment program that offers academic acceleration, homework supervision, and fine arts. Academic acceleration is...

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Established in 2006, Jubilate Academy developed from Hansol Education, a leader in SAT preparation and K-12 supervision. Fast forward ten years...

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Our Vision

Jubilate Academy is an organization that strives to provide academic and extracurricular advancement to students regardless of where they are coming from.

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Jubilate Academy Faculty

Some Of Our Staff



Our clients are happy with us. Read the testimonials below.

Jubilate is helpful with clarifying topics that are hard to grasp on my own.  
Eugene Choi 9th Grade


This place is cool.  I learned a lot from this place.  I have been coming here for 5 years.
Jeremy Kim 6th Grade

This academy is a really wonderful place to help advance your knowledge in different educational subjects such as math, english, and science. The staff here are also really helpful and they waste no time to get you the best overall grades within your school.
Zaid Albawab 10th Grade

If you want to have an excellent learning and understanding in any subject, then this is the place.
Parth Mohan 8th Grade


Whether your goal is to get ahead on your material for your next grade level or to achieve high scores on your SAT / ACT examinations. Jubilate's all day summer programs are surely to meet your needs.


Jubilate Academy Offers The Following: After School Homework Help / AP & SAT & ACT PREP / Elective Courses


Learn how to play the Violin/Cello, Piano, Guitar, or Join an Orchestra

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