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Standardized Test Preparation

Struggling to find a reliable center who can help raise your child's SAT or ACT scores? We can be that center for your child!

We put your child through a very rigorous process that is guaranteed to put them on the right track to achieving their dream scores. We employ instructors from all professions, from experienced high school teachers to university professors, so that your child is ensured to be under the supervision of an expert. 

Our facility offers a plethora of resources for your child to prepare for his or her exam. We are adaptive to our students, and are always expanding our testing offerings so that we can offer something for all students in our area. 

Please contact us directly if you have questions or concerns for your child's testing performance and/or our current prep courses. We will do our best to provide you with what you and your child need. 


Specialized Tests Prep Programs We Provide:



The classic SAT. We have been offering SAT prep courses ever since we opened, and we have gotten really good at the SAT! Several of our instructors have gotten over 1500's and have several tips and proven strategies to help your child score high! 



Today, more and more students are choosing to take the ACT. Not only have we created a very strong program, but we also have proven techniques for your child to raise his or her score by at least 5 points guaranteed! We have had students that started with a score in the 20's raise their score to a 35! 



From AP Biology to AP Calculus BC to even AP Literature and Composition, we are confident to say that we have teachers that are a master to at least one AP course. Our tutors offer time-tested techniques and testing strategies that will ensure your child achieves the 5 that they deserve! 

SAT Subject Tests


We provide several Subject test prep programs, such as Math II, Physics, and Chemistry. Our tutors make it their priority to help your child achieve a score they can be proud of having, especially the 800.



We are an official BYU Independent Study Testing Center! Feel free to register a test through us and take it here! Several students have done so already and gave us great feedback! 



 You have questions. We have the answers. Check out our most frequently asked questions to learn more about standardized tests and how we prepare your child to succeed in these tests!