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Music Deparment


Interested in Music?

Before we ever started as an excellent academic facility, our tutoring center was solely a music center. From our long history and experience in music, we provide one of the best music programs the South Bay has to offer. Our director has a Master's Degree in Music and Music Theory and was considered to study at The Julliard School. Almost all of our students excel in at least one instrument and have immense experience in music performance.

We offer a strong music department that encourages both interested and experienced students alike to explore several instruments and music theory. Music is a wonderful gift to give your child. We have seen spectacular growth from students who had never played a note, to being able to play whole songs during a recital. Your child can learn how to be musically talented, and we want to be there to guide both you and your child through his or her musical journey. 

We are in the middle of expanding our music department, so there are bound to be a class that your child will love to be in! Check down below to see the different classes that we offer currently. 

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What Music Classes We Offer:

Basic - Advanced Violin


Our violin classes are one of the oldest classes that we have been offering since the establishment of our center. We have violin teachers who have traveled around the globe, sharing their passion of music to their communities. Despite how challenging the violin is to beginners, the violin provides a flexibility of tone and depth that is rarely seen in any other instrument.

Basic - Advanced Piano


As common as it is for a student to know how to play the piano these days, we offer a unique and engaging learning experience that will ensure your child's enjoyment and attachment to the grand piano. Allow your child to study the piano with us, and he or she will be able to pick up any other instrument easily guaranteed. 

Basic - Advanced Guitar


In today's fast-paced world, the guitar is quickly gaining popularity because of its ease and flexibility to blend in with other instruments. We offer classes in both acoustic and classical guitars, ensuring that your child can enjoy the best of both worlds. We have instructors that have gone on tour across the world, who can't wait to teach your child the guitar!

Basic Drums


Our drum courses are actually the newest course that we have to offer; however, this isn't to say that this class is, in any way, mediocre to the other classes we offer. Our drum instructors travel from afar to teach our students. Drums encourage students to obtain immense talent in rhythm and beats, an essential component in music theory. 

Music Theory


Suppose your child isn't yet comfortable to learn a new instrument; all isn't lost! Our music theory classes are the best gateway courses into the fine arts, and we, in fact, emphasize the importance of learning music theory to all our students! Learning music theory before learning an instrument will alleviate the stress of learning immensely.

Jubilate Orchestra / Band


So how does all of your child's musical learning apply to the real world? One simple answer: orchestras! We have been offering our very own Jubilate Orchestra ever since we established our center; we have refined many students' talents and teamwork capabilities through our orchestra. Having your child play music with their close friends is a memory worth making.