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Homework Help & Remedial Tutoring

We believe that every student is capable of succeeding in their education. We are willing to stake our reputation on it!

We make sure that our students are on the right track. Our tutoring curriculum is aligned with the Torrance Unified School District (TUSD) guidelines, so your child will study in a familiar and comfortable atmosphere. 

Check out the link below to learn about TUSD Educational guidelines. 


What Our Certified Teachers do for Your Child:

Directly communicate with Student's School Teacher


Not only do our instructors make it their priority to ensure your child's success in our tutoring center, but they also make it their responsibility to help students digitally communicate with their teachers.

Check student's grades on a daily basis


Whether your child is excelling in his or her class or not, we monitor your child's grades on a consistent basis. With access to your child's grades, our instructors will guide your child to not only raise his or her grade in their classes, but also become a more active and passionate learner. 

Create an unique Success Plan for every student


Having a tough time trying to figure out your child's future? Our tutors not only get that answer for you, but they also provide an adaptive success plan for your child to achieve his or her highest potential. Your child will be guaranteed our instructors' support and effort to build towards a bright future. 

Provide preparation for subject examinations


Our instructors are specialized in several subjects, and have the flexibility to help prepare your child to ace his or her upcoming test in any subject in school! We provide a substantial amount of studying material and encouragement to help your child achieve high scores through proven techniques and effective practice strategies! 

Create an encouraging and supportive learning environment


Every single one of our instructors have obtained a Teaching degree in an university and have experience in the working field. Our tutors know how to foster a positive learning environment. Under the supervision of our credentialed instructors, your child will develop character and social skills that are essential to success in a bustling team-oriented environment.  

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